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We are a friendly, experienced IT solutions company, proudly based in Cardiff, South Wales. Our team works with clients throughout the UK and across the world. CAD’s talented team of professional designers and programmers who can turn your ideas into solutions with over 13 years of expertise.

Nadeeke-Illeperuma - Technical Director -cardiffappdevelopers

Technical Director

Coming from a IT background with now over 13 years of experience I have always worked in the sector starting out with web development. App development caught my eye as soon as the IPhone 3 came out with the App Store, CAD was born. This little device felt like something from out of space allowing people to deliver their creative ideas straight to the user’s fingertips.

Since starting CAD I have been sharing my experience and knowledge of business by advising and investing in local start ups and working with amazing young creatives to progress their careers.

A small team with big ideas

cardiffappdevelopers team

At the core, our work is an effective visual design process that helps guide users through your app. We pride ourselves on building easy-to-use apps that anyone can pick up and use. We make sure to take extra care in understanding the message you want to portray and focus in on the details from day one to make sure that the final product looks exactly the way you imagined.

We know how hard it is for any business to get noticed online and that’s why we deliver inspiring ideas that create a real brand identity to make sure you and your company continue to grow. We will help you find meaning and value where it matters most to your business and build this into a strategy that will help your business get the recognition that your hard work deserves.

cardiffappdevelopers team

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