iPad Development

Apple calls it “Magical and Revolutionary”, the iPad is in fact an amazing device packed with a range of Applications that will truly mesmerize you and enable you to experience the true potential of technology.

Most of the iPhone and iPod touch applications are believed to work well unmodified on the iPad, but as professional iPad developers we realize that running iPhone or iPod touch Applications unchanged on the iPad may not necessarily be optimal or desirable.

With our expert team of developers and their technical know-how we can create iPad Applications customized to your needs and requirements that are different to your iPhone Apps. Our motive is to take your experience of browsing web, email, photos and videos to the next level through custom built Applications for the iPad.

At 'Cardiff App Developers' we can develop iPad Applications that will make the most of, all the new features of the iPad and deliver an absolutely incredible experience on the big iPad screen. We have the necessary app development skills and are familiar with the updated software iOS 7.1 for iPhone and iPad.

Apart from our knowledge and experience in iPad Application Development, we also have a broad understanding of the iPad marketplace. Our developers will work with you from the concept stage to right till the end, where you have a great iPad Application.